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Honorable Tim Walz

Representing the 1st District of MINNESOTA

Walz Statement on Continuing Resolution

Jan 22, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Tim Walz (MN-01) released the following statement after voting against the continuing resolution before the House today:

“Funding the government is vital, and it is imperative that Congress do so in a way that provides our service members with the resources and certainty they need to plan into the future. In addition to reauthorizing CHIP for Minnesota’s vulnerable children who rely on it for health insurance, it is also imperative that Congress provide funding for our Community Health Centers, which provide health care to many of our rural communities. Moreover, Congress cannot turn its back on our Dreamers, who are counting on us to protect them.

“By funding the government for just three weeks, this continuing resolution fails to uphold our commitment to our troops and their families. By not including any funding for our Community Health Centers, this continuing resolution fails to help ensure our rural communities can continue to have access to critical health care services they rely on. By not protecting Dreamers, this continuing resolution fails to make good on our moral responsibility – and bipartisan priority – to declare once and for all that Dreamers are Americans and this is their home.

“While I’m encouraged by the CHIP funding included in this bill, I could not in good conscience vote for a bill that keeps kicking the fiscal can down the road like this, especially when it undermines the sacred duties and ideals we are to live up to as a nation.

“I renew my call on President Trump and Congressional Republicans to work with Democrats in good faith to pass a long-term funding bill that fulfills all of our most critical priorities.”